Spot. For Service Dog Handlers

Designing a Conversational User Interface to build a strong, reliable community for an often overlooked group.
UX Designer
Oct. 2021 - Dec. 2021
3 months
UX Design
UX Research
Adobe XD
Service dog handlers face significant challenges with misinformation, often struggling to find reliable and trustworthy resources to support their needs. Existing platforms fail to address the unique requirements of this community, leaving them underserved and more vulnerable to inaccurate information. My team and I aimed to create conversational user interface (CUI) that could fill the gaps and provide service dog handlers a safe and trustworthy community space.
What I Did
My team and I began with rigorous secondary research, delving into online forums and chat boards frequented by service dog handlers. To gain deeper insights, we distributed a survey across various online service dog handler spaces, garnering valuable feedback from 70 respondents. We then conducted user interviews and concept validation sessions with three survey respondants, refining our understanding of user needs and preferences. Finally, we went through a series of wireframing at various levels of fidelity and testing with users before landing on our final app and CUI, which we presented via video sketch.

My contributions to the success of our project included:
  • Orchestrating comprehensive user research initiatives, including surveys, interviews, and concept validation sessions.
  • Designing and implementing a survey using Qualtrics that was distributed across the web and garnered over 70 responses. The survey also was used as a tool to recruit interview participants from this niche group.
  • Utilizing affinity diagramming techniques to synthesize findings, deriving themes that drove our selection of app features.
  • Creating paper prototypes to visualize initial concepts, testing them in face-to-face sessions with users, and refining them into interactive wireframes using Adobe XD.
  • Designing and implementing a chat bot prototype using conversation mapping tools like Chatflow.
Spot. is a user-friendly community-based app tailored specifically for service dog handlers. Central to Spot.'s functionality is its charming mascot, a cute fluffy sidekick serving as a chat bot to deliver reliable information quickly and easily. The app also features a community forum where users can anonymously ask questions and participate in discussions. Furthermore, Spot's homepage serves as a hub for popular forum posts and relevant news, ensuring users stay informed and connected within the community.

Our testing participants were happy to have their unique problems addressed and were delighted at the fun, safe, and trustworthy solution we created just for them.
Final Design